What is ceramic glaze and ceramic pigment


Trite Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. adheres to the development direction of technological innovation and product innovation, survival by quality, and development by reputation, hand in hand with new and old customers. The editor will provide you with the most professional knowledge explanation, let's take a look at the difference between ceramic glaze and ceramic color.
Ceramic glaze is a semi-finished product for the production of porcelain, collectively called basic glaze, which is prepared by using a variety of ceramic materials in a certain proportion. This ratio is relatively stable after a lot of experiments. Its components: feldspar, quartz, alkaline earth metal oxides (including calcium, magnesium, barium, zinc oxides and kaolin), auxiliary materials.
Simply put: ceramic pigments are ceramic pigments. It is made of different metal oxides in different proportions and then calcined at high temperature. Ceramic pigments are generally used together with base oil to produce ceramic products of different colors.

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