Principles for preparing ceramic frit

Ceramic frits are used by manufacturers in high-melt ceramics and are hardly used to make individual ceramic restorations. Principles for formulating ceramic frits:

1. The AL2O3 in the frit should not exceed 0.2 grams of molecular equivalent. If there is too much AL2O3, it will be difficult to melt and easy to become a very viscous frit.

2. The ratio of alkali metal oxide to boron oxide in the frit should be the same as that of alkali metal oxide boron in the glaze. This requirement specifies that all alkali oxides and boron oxide must be made into frits. If a part of the alkali metal oxides are added with feldspar, they can be changed as appropriate.

3. The ratio of K 2O and Na 2O of the RO group to their compound metal oxides in the RO group shall not exceed:.

4. The ratio of RO to RO2 in the frit must be between: and: 3.

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