Advantages of melting raw materials for glaze into frit

Ceramic frit is one of the important raw materials for ceramic production, and it is the key factor that determines the quality of glaze. The main equipment for frit preparation is the melting furnace. There are two types of melting furnaces: batch and continuous. The batch furnace includes crucible kiln and brick kiln, and the continuous type includes pool kiln and electric kiln. The typical process flow of frit melting is as follows: batching → mixing → melting → water quenching → drying → storage for use.

Melting raw materials for glaze into ceramic frit has the following advantages:

(1) Used as a flux, the use temperature of the basic white glaze and pigment can be easily adjusted.

(2) The high-temperature chemical reaction that occurs in the melting process makes some toxic raw materials non-toxic, and at the same time makes the soluble raw materials into insoluble vitreous bodies, which increases the use range and function of glaze raw materials.

(3) The reaction temperature and reaction time of the glaze surface during the firing process are greatly reduced, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the glaze surface and realize the low temperature fast firing process.

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