What is a low temperature ceramic frit

The characteristics of low temperature ceramic frit are as follows:

1. The ceramic frit made is insoluble in water

2. Toxic substances should all enter the frit ingredients.

3. Except for feldspar, raw materials containing K2O and Na2O need to be introduced into the frit, as do boron-containing compounds.

4. The number of Al2O3 molecules in the frit ingredient is < 0.2 grams. If there is too much Al2O3, the melting temperature of the frit ingredient will be high, and the volatilization loss during melting will be large.

5. R2O in frit: RO <

6. The ratio between the sum of the equivalents of RO2 and B2O3 in the frit and the sum of the number of R2O and RO molecules should be between -3: to ensure an appropriate degree of melting, and it will not be due to high temperature during melting. Volatilize alkali metal oxides and PbO, etc.

  7. SiO2: B2O3 > 2 in frit ingredients has high solubility of borate, and silicon oxide can reduce solubility.

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